USC Men's & Women's Equestrian Polo Teams and Club. Head Coach Ardeshir Radpour

USC Polo Club

USC Polo Club and Teams

The University of Southern California Polo Club and Polo Teams are located in Los Angeles, California. The USC Polo Club began in the 1930's and has followed a long tradition ever since. The Club and Teams are currently based at Fair Hills Farms.


The USC Polo Club (renamed to Trojan Polo Club in 2016) was founded in 1928 and is a member of the intercollegiate division of the United States Polo Association.

The Trojan Polo Club accepts USC students and faculty of all levels of experience!  We hold both team practices and beginner lessons.  Our team practices are for experienced players and our beginner lessons are for anyone that has never held a mallet on a horse before. Whether you have riding experience but have never played polo or have never ridden a horse before, we have ponies to suited to your level.

What is the process to join?

No, Process! You can sign up for Trojan Polo right away and at anytime! 



Dues cover everything you'll need to learn and play polo: 
  • Transportation
  • Horses  
  • Coaching (Click Here for more background on our coaches)
  • Tack  (saddle, bridle, wraps, etc)
  • Polo Gear (mallets, helmets, and knee guards)
  • Friends that play polo
Dues do NOT cover:
  • Horse appropriate riding boots or closed-toe shoes

Are Friends invited to watch?

Spectators are always welcome to visit and watch our lessons or practices.
We also provide the opportunity for polo players in the community to join in on our team chukkers.
​Contact us via eThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
for rates and horse availability (you're also welcome to bring your own horse). 

YES THERE IS!  We have nike polo hats, steel re- usable water bottles, polos and stickers with our TROJAN POLO logo on it!  If you are interested in ordering some of our merchandise, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Unfortunately, we are not in the position to offer scholarships due to our lack of authority as a club sport. 

How do we contact the USC POlo CLub?

The USC Polo Club is open to all Undergraduate and Graduate students and Faculty who wish to learn and play polo with other Trojans.

As a member of the USC Polo Club you are entitled to Special USC rates which offer you the most affordable polo rates possible. Beginner, intermediate and advanced players are welcome and encouraged to participate at all different levels of play and instruction.  Fair Hills Farms is located in Topanga Canyon between Santa Monica and the San Fernando Valley on Topanga Canyon.

The USC Trojan teams consist of undergraduate players meeting eligiblity requirements and polo adequate polo experience and knowledge to be selected as members of the team and able to participate in Official Intercollegiate Games Sanctioned by the United States Polo Association with the USC men's and women's teams. The teams participate in the USPA Intercollegiate tournament every spring, as well as in many other tournaments throughout the year.

Our coach Ardeshir Radpour a 5-Goal player who has played both as an amateur and a professional is also a former USC Men's Team Captain and Alumni. His training in horsemanship and polo were based on a solid foundation promoted by Sue Sally Hale and Stormie Hale. As a Trojan you might also recognize him as Tommy Trojan, the rider of Traveler the famous Trojan Mascot, from the years 1995 - 2000, where he lead a very powerful tradition. From 1993-1995 he served under Stormie Hale as assistant coach and from 2000-present he has served as head coach of the Polo Teams. Since his arrival, the USC teams have had extremely successful seasons producing three regional all-star players, 1 national all-star and teams which have competed in Regional Championships and first trip to the National Championships for the Trojans.

The polo club is supported by the USC Intramural Recreation Department, the Collegiate Equestrian Polo Association and by private donations of horses, tack, polo equipment and money. To receive more information about the Polo Club, Teams and how you can participate or help support our program, please contact the club President or the Team Coach. We appreciate your interest in our club and look forward to your participation.